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BigSpin Casino

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  • : 250% Weenend Reload Bonus
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Big Spin Casino Review


  1. Score (rating) Overall: 4.65/5 Stars


The overall score given to Big Spin Casino is based on these major categories:


Platform: 4.5 Stars


Betting Options: 4 Stars


Bonuses: 4.75


User Experience: 5 Stars


Deposits and Withdrawals: 5 Stars


  1. Company Profile


With a name like Big Spin Casino you can imagine that they focus primarily on their slot games. This company is very new as they were founded in just 2017 and the platform actually didn’t start taking bets until 2018. The platform is strictly an online casino, which is good because it means that the entire focus of the company is on their casino unlike some other companies that offer sports betting, fantasy and live poker.


The company behind Big Spin Casino, MyBookie, has been in the industry for a long time. They have recently launched Big Spin Casino to focus on fun casino games. The other platforms that they are behind focus heavily on different areas and have mixed reputations around the industry. Everything found about Big Spin Casino is positive though and there are a good amount of games to be found on the platform. Overall, Big Spin Casino is a new platform and not much is known about it besides what is obviously apparent on the actual website.

  1. Overview


The company that is named after slot machines offers a good amount of options that were made from the popular game creator Betsoft. Betsoft is one of the most popular and well known game creators that have made popular games in the past in the online slot machine, table game, and video poker realm. One thing missing from their casino offering is regular poker. For poker players you will only find video poker. They do offer other live table games though such as blackjack, roulette, and Super 6.


For those who love video poker you will find a game you like here on Big Spin Casino. There are numerous video poker games to play with large jackpots. Additionally there are over 100 different slot games on the platform. For a simple and fun platform, look to play on Big Slot Casino as they focus on having a good atmosphere and online games that anyone can enjoy without much background in the space.

  1. Bonuses and Promotions


Deposit bonuses are plentiful on Big Spin Casino. They have a large first deposit bonus for their new users that is commonly over 100%, as well as a reload bonus that can be as high as 100%. Additionally, they offer a weekend reload bonus on occasion that can be even higher than the initial deposit bonus for their new users. Compared to some other casinos the rollover bonus is fairly high at most times. Be sure to check what the rollover is at the time you are depositing. This is probably why they offer a much higher match percentage on their reloads.


Commonly they will offer a free bet of a small amount without even depositing as well. This promotion has been said to be rare and currently isn’t available but it could be at the time of reading this. It is hard to complain about being able to play and cashout for real money without having to even put down any information.

  1. Features


As this is a slot-based casino due to the name Big Spin Casino, the focus is going to be on those slot players. With that being said, they offer some very appealing slot games that are in 3-D. The features pop out of the screen and make it more fun to play than just the standard slot games you will find on other websites.


Slots can be played for a very low minimum on Big Spin Casino. The same goes for video poker and for those who haven’t played much video poker, it could be worth the time to check out their games as they are pretty fun.

Example of the MANY 3-D slots available at Big Spin Casino!

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  • 200% Signup Bonus
  • : 100% Reload Bonus
  • : 250% Weenend Reload Bonus
  • : Black Jack pays 3:2
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  1. Pros and Cons




Large and constant deposit bonuses


Great selection of slots


3-D slot games




High rollover for their bonuses


High minimums on live casino games



  1. Final Thoughts


Big Spin Casino does a great job of what they are made to do. It is a place where people can go to play a very specific set of games, slots, video poker, and live basic table games such as roulette, blackjack, and Super 6. If you are looking for a complex live casino game or some fancy casino games, you probably won’t find it here, but you can definitely have fun with their large deposit bonus money playing interactive slots and games.